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Setting the Standard for Professional Training

Jamie Lee Dance Academy

Jamie Lee Dance Academy is one of Dorset’s finest performing arts schools, founded by west end professional, and school principal, Jamie-Lee Tuffrey.

Our aim is to deliver the best, and most innovative training, in a safe & supportive environment, all helping to nurture the next generation of performers.

The JLDA faculty

Everyone here at Jamie Lee Dance Academy is fully qualified and is committed to delivering the highest standard of training. Many of our teachers are still currently working in the industry, whether that’s on the West End or working at the Royal Ballet School, and we are thrilled they’re able to share these experiences, first hand, with our students.

Whether you’re destined for a career on the stage, or simply pursuing your favourite hobby, our team are here for you.


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Here’s what a few of our parents have to say about JLDA…

Ben Duddington – Dad to Rhiannon

This dance school is a fantastic, family orientated school whilst having the highest standards.

Our daughter had become stuck in a rut with her previous school, going through the motions and had lost her love of dance as they had stopped focusing on that area. Her coming to Jamie Lee was a breath of fresh air. She is pushed and challenged to be her best and her love for dance has been reignited.

The musical theatre classes are excellent and our daughter continues to grow in confidence in this area. The opportunities she has worked hard to obtain and been offered for both shows and productions, have been amazing. We also love that she was asked to help in classes with the younger students at weekends as this has given her additional experience of the working world. I cannot rate this school highly enough, the way they have adapted to virtual classes both live and recorded during lockdown has been incredible. They are still to a high, professional standard whilst keeping the important element of fun for the students.

What we love most is that we also feel part of the family and love the events held outside of classes where we can socialise and get together. Thank you Miss Jamie Lee.

Rebecca Hebditch – Mum to Grace

Grace joined Jamie Lee Dance Academy at the age of 9 when she expressed a wish to perform professionally as a career. To give her this opportunity, we were looking for a Dance and Performing Arts school for her to attend that would ensure that she received the very best in professional teaching and guidance. It was the best decision we have ever made for her to enrol her at Jamie Lee Dance Academy.

Grace has transformed from a novice to an accomplished and confident dancer, actor and singer. Jamie Lee Mason and her amazing team of teachers nurture their students to become technically proficient , well rounded and self assured dancers and performers. JLDA, as it is affectionately known, has presented many many exciting opportunities for Grace to perform both professionally and in local productions, to compete and to take exams. The standard of training is exemplary however, in addition to this, the family feel of the school and supportive network is also second to none.

Grace has made so many friends and really does feel that she is part of a wider family, as do we as her parents. The teachers and other students are excellent role models and it is clear that they really care about their students and each other.

We are very grateful to JLDA for helping our little girl blossom into the young lady she is no becoming.

Maria Abercrombie – Mum to Lois

Absolutely Fantastic training, very professional with endless opportunities. The hard work, dedication & commitment of the staff at JLDA is second to none. Not only in their training but for the students in general.

My daughter Lois has always danced & when we moved she was very apprehensive about finding a new dance school that she would enjoy, would technically & physically push her to be the best she can be & just fit in. Being an 11 year old not knowing anyone was quite daunting. However, after a weeks trial at JLDA Lois got in the car & said “Mum this is the one.” 9 months later in her words “its the best decision we ever made.” JLDA has fuelled her love for dancing & performing & always gets the best out of her. In these strange times we are living in, JLDA has still provided amazing training with live online classes & video links. These have been great not only to keep up with quality training but to bring a touch of normality to life & for Lois to see all her dancing friends.

I really can’t recommend JLDA enough. I’m so glad we found you!

Melissa Holmes – Mum to Sienna

My daughter has been part of JLDA for 3 and a half years. In all that time there hasn’t been a single class which she hasn’t loved. Sienna enjoys the variety of classes that are on offer and has made very strong friendships within these. The very rigorous technical training is one of the most important things to me as she loves to dance, but to dance accurately is essential! All the staff are so nurturing and have helped her to grow in confidence in all aspects of her life, not just with dance.

Sienna is lucky enough to be part of the elite team which she absolutely loves. This enables her to push herself technically and perform and compete with the best.

The principal, Jamie Lee, is loved and respected in equal measures by my daughter. She is in awe of her dancing skills and hangs on every word she says, both praise and corrections. I feel very lucky that my daughter has such an excellent role model shaping her life. JLDA has really become a family to us both and I would encourage anyone to become part of it.

Amanda Armstrong – Mum to Aimee

My daughter was 17, at a crossroads in her performing arts training, approaching A levels and in an important year of auditioning for top musical theatre schools when she first met Jamie-lee Mason. Jamie-Lee immediately knows how to fine tune her students strengths, build confidence and she gave my daughter that final helping hand to success that she needed. You know that moment when someone pops into your life just at the right moment! Jamie-lee herself has up to date industry knowledge, boundless energy and enthusiasm that is infectious, you can’t help but want to work hard and be the best you can.

The ballet classes have a strong focus on technique and it was the industry standard senior jazz classes that got my daughter through her dance auditions in particular. Apart from the professional training, we were made to feel very welcome to the school and my daughter had the opportunity to improve her vocal training, perform in two shows, dance festivals and train on group dances with the elite team….all in the space of two terms. All this resulted in offers from 5 top schools including GSA, ArtsEd, Mountview all upon first attempt.

I can’t thank Jamie-Lee enough, I look forward to watching her school go from strength to strength. ❤️

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Setting the Standard for Professional Training