Absolutely Fantastic training, very professional with endless opportunities. The hard work, dedication & commitment of the staff at JLDA is second to none. Not only in their training but for the students in general.

My daughter Lois has always danced & when we moved she was very apprehensive about finding a new dance school that she would enjoy, would technically & physically push her to be the best she can be & just fit in. Being an 11 year old not knowing anyone was quite daunting. However, after a weeks trial at JLDA Lois got in the car & said “Mum this is the one.” 9 months later in her words “its the best decision we ever made.” JLDA has fuelled her love for dancing & performing & always gets the best out of her. In these strange times we are living in, JLDA has still provided amazing training with live online classes & video links. These have been great not only to keep up with quality training but to bring a touch of normality to life & for Lois to see all her dancing friends.

I really can’t recommend JLDA enough. I’m so glad we found you!