My daughter has been part of JLDA for 3 and a half years. In all that time there hasn’t been a single class which she hasn’t loved. Sienna enjoys the variety of classes that are on offer and has made very strong friendships within these. The very rigorous technical training is one of the most important things to me as she loves to dance, but to dance accurately is essential! All the staff are so nurturing and have helped her to grow in confidence in all aspects of her life, not just with dance.

Sienna is lucky enough to be part of the elite team which she absolutely loves. This enables her to push herself technically and perform and compete with the best.

The principal, Jamie Lee, is loved and respected in equal measures by my daughter. She is in awe of her dancing skills and hangs on every word she says, both praise and corrections. I feel very lucky that my daughter has such an excellent role model shaping her life. JLDA has really become a family to us both and I would encourage anyone to become part of it.