Jamie Lee Dance Academy

Sophie’s Legacy

Jamie Lee Dance Academy is incredibly proud to support many charities across the year, but recently we have partnered with Sophie’s Legacy.

Sophie was a remarkable young girl, who touched the lives of many. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with cancer at age 9 and sadly died the following year, on 18th September 2021. Sophie wanted the following things changed and this will be her legacy:

  1. Play specialist 7 days a week in hospitals
  2. Improvements to food for children in hospital
  3. For parents to be fed when staying with their child
  4. For GP’s, nurses and health professionals to be trained in childhood cancer
  5. To increase the funds (currently 3%) in childhood cancer research

We are working closely with the charity to find ways to help support the charity more directly (exciting updates coming soon about this) but for now if you want to read more about this amazing charity, and how you can help, please visit their website below: sophieslegacy.co.uk