Jamie Lee Dance Academy LAMDA & SINGING LESSONS Terms and Conditions

** By enrolling your child in LAMDA and/or SINGING Lessons at JLDA you agree to the following Terms and Conditions **

1       General

1.1            All LAMDA and/or SINGING students are enrolled as members of Jamie Lee Dance Academy, and therefore you have already completed your enrolment form and are bound by the Terms and Conditions of Jamie Lee Dance Academy.

1.2            The following are additional Terms and Conditions, specific to LAMDA and/or SINGING Lessons.


2     Uniform and Grooming

2.1            We pride ourselves on our grooming – it is a part of a performer’s discipline.

2.2            Although there is no set uniform for LAMDA and/or SINGING lessons, please ensure you are appropriately dressed and groomed to take part fully in your lesson.


3     Fees and Payments

3.1            In line with Jamie Lee Dance Academy, the same terms apply.  Please refer to the JLDA Enrolment Form and Terms & Conditions (https://www.jamieleedanceacademy.com/terms-and-conditions/).


4     Exams

4.1            LAMDA exams are encouraged but remain optional.

4.2            Examination fees will be charged on confirmation of entry and are payable within 7 days.

4.3            Student’s will be entered for exams only when the teacher feels they are ready.


5     LAMDA and/or SINGING Timetable and Cancellations


5.1            Once the LAMDA and/or SINGING timetable is confirmed for the term – that remains your child’s lesson slot.

5.2            If a lesson is missed; due to the volume of LAMDA and/or SINGING students and much like a dance class, these cannot be re-arranged to suit you, neither can they be refunded.

5.3            If your child cannot attend a lesson, the only option is to arrange to swap with another LAMDA and/or SINGING student, or if there are any ‘AVAILABLE’ slots on the relevant teacher’s timetable.

5.4            If the lesson is cancelled for any reason by JLDA or the LAMDA and/or SINGING teacher, then they will do their utmost to rearrange the class at a time to suit you both.  If this cannot be sorted, your class will be credited onto the next invoice.

5.5            If you are to miss a lesson you must email the office at: info@jamieleedanceacademy.com to ensure that the school has official notification.

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