Dance Extreme and Bootcamps T&Cs and Booking Form

Terms and Conditions​

Please read the following terms and conditions relating to the Summer Schools BEFORE filling in the booking form which can be found at the end. 

Please ensure you fill in ALL sections of the booking form.

Application Process, Payment and Fees

Upon receipt of full payment for the Summer School, you enter into a contract with Jamie Lee Dance Academy (JLDA) and confirm that you wish to accept the offer of a place. You are therefore subject to the terms and conditions of a Summer School booking, as set out on this page.


All Summer Schools will run from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

We are offering all students an extended day from 9:00am to 10:00am (Early Drop Off) and from 3:00pm to 3:30p.m (Late Pick-up).

The fees are £5.00 each and must be booked in advance via the booking form.

Any un-authorised early drop-offs or late pick-ups will be charged at £10.00 each.

Class Sizes

Students will be split into small groups called ‘bubbles’.  You will receive a message by the 27th July advising which group your child will be in, what time they should arrive and be collected from the studio and which entrance/exit they should use. 

Please note that your child’s ‘bubble’ will not be changed on your request.

Children will stay in their allocated ‘bubble’ all day and do all activities with their ‘bubble buddies’.  They will also have lunch in their ‘bubble’.  Children will be reminded frequently to maintain social distancing.


JLDA uniform should be worn where possible.  It is advised that clothes are washed following a day in the studio.  On alternate days, students are asked to wear alternative clothing suitable to dance and move around comfortably in. All items of clothing and personal belongings MUST be clearly named.

Arrival at the Studio

A one-way system will operate for entry and exit to the Studio.  Each student will be allocated their route, drop off and pick up times and entry door. 

You will drop your child off at the appropriate door and then leave. Anybody who fails to follow these instructions will not be permitted back and will, therefore, put their child’s place in jeopardy.

It is essential that these times and entry/collection points are adhered to. 

We will only permit one parent to bring their child to the Studio. 

Parents/Carers should not gather at entrance/exit doors or enter the Studio (unless they have a pre-arranged appointment) and must maintain social distancing at all times.

Lunch and Break Times

Students will eat their lunch in their own ‘bubbles’.  Please ensure they have plenty of food and drink to last them the whole day. We ask that no fizzy drinks, chewing gum or nut products are brought in.

Handwashing and General Hygiene

All students will have their temperature taken upon arrival.

As far as possible, students from separate ‘bubbles’ will not use the toilets at the same time (although this cannot be completely guaranteed). Should any student have a toileting accident, a parent/carer will be asked to come and change them. 

Handwashing will be a top priority – all students and staff will be required to use hand gel or wash their hands thoroughly on arrival and at regular intervals throughout the day.  Activities will be undertaken to ensure the students understand the importance of hand washing.

As you would expect, regular cleaning of all areas, surfaces, activities and equipment will also be a top priority and will be undertaken throughout the day by designated members of staff.

The Studios will also be cleaned each evening.  All surfaces including barres, floors, tables, chairs, touchpoints etc will be sanitised.

If you do not feel your child is able to or would find it difficult to adhere to social distancing, then please consider whether this would be an appropriate activity for them.


If your child, or a member of your household, has a high temperature or is unwell, DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO THE STUDIO.  Please report their absence by telephoning the office.

If your child has any symptoms of COVID-19 we will expect them to be collected immediately, please ensure we hold up to date contact information.  A designated “isolation area” has been set aside to be used in suspected COVID-19 cases.  Should there be a case of COVID-19 within a ‘bubble’, all members of this “bubble” (including staff) will need to self-isolate and participate in testing where appropriate.

According to the latest Government guidance, everyone aged 5 years and over will be eligible for COVID-19 testing if they (or anyone in their household) shows symptoms.  Testing should be requested via the NHS website:   

Please advise the office of the outcome of the test as soon as possible.

For the safety of all our students and members of staff it is essential that all these new procedures are followed.  Any student, or parent/carer that does not follow the guidelines that are being implemented will not be permitted to attend the Summer Schools.

Risk Assessment/Health and Safety

Our risk assessment has been updated to include COVID-19 and will continue to be reviewed and amended as required.

Cancellations and Refunds

Your child will not be permitted to participate in the Summer School if payment is not made in full within 24hrs of receipt of invoice. Late payments entitle us to cancel all relevant bookings.

In the event that you wish to cancel your Summer School booking, please see below for an overview of our policy:

Date of Withdrawal

Fee Refund

Within 5 days of having paid in full

We will refund all fees paid by you.

Between 5 and 20 days prior to the start of your first Summer School booking

We will refund any fees to you, less a £20 admin charge.

Less than 5 days prior to the start of your Summer School booking

No refund will be made for any bookings.

Please note that we will require written confirmation of your wish to cancel/withdraw your booking. Please note the below exceptional circumstances, where the request for a refund will be considered on a case-by-case basis: You can demonstrate extenuating personal circumstances which prohibit your child from attending (for example, illness and bereavement.) Please note that supporting evidence will be requested.

We may cancel the Summer School if we fail to recruit our minimum level of enrolments or if circumstances beyond our reasonable control prevent us from delivering it. If you have received a confirmation/invoice at the time of such cancellation, we will refund in full the fees paid by you.


JLDA cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to your child’s property eg tablets/other electronic devices or possession brought to Summer School. You are advised to insure your possessions accordingly.

Code of Conduct

If you are accepted to Summer School, you will be required to comply with JLDA’s Code of Conduct.

This code sets out expectations for student behaviour and also the procedures used by JLDA in order to resolve matters when students’ behaviour is unacceptable. If you breach any of the terms set out in the Code of Student Conduct then your child may be withdrawn from Summer School.

All students and parents should conduct themselves in a caring, polite & professional manner at all times.

This includes whilst waiting for classes to begin and in our reception area. We have a Zero Tolerance policy towards rude or disruptive behaviour and the School Principal maintains the right to remove any offending students and/or parents from the school.

Booking Form

Please note that this booking form is ONLY for the Dance Extreme and Dance Bootcamps Summer Schools. 

Please check the Summer Schools 2020 Information page for full details.
Please email the office if you have any concerns about this.
Please type your name and this will be accepted as your signature