Jamie Lee Dance Academy Terms and Conditions

*** By enrolling your child with JLDA you agree to the following terms and conditions ***

1               General

1.1           All students and parents should conduct themselves in a caring, polite & professional manner at all times. This includes at public events, auditions, whilst waiting for classes to begin and in our reception area. We have a Zero Tolerance policy towards rude or disruptive behaviour and the school Principal maintains the right to remove, and has done, any offending students and/or parents from the school immediately.

1.2           Any decision to exclude a student will be taken by the Principal and only after the student has been given a reasonable opportunity to state his or her case.

1.3           An Enrolment form must be completed in full and signed by a parent/guardian in order to enrol as a JLDA student.

1.4           We offer a full and varied timetable to all our students and as a result we do not allow our students to cross train at other schools.

1.5           JLDA is a non-smoking facility.

1.6           Jamie Lee Dance Academy and its representatives cannot under any circumstances be responsible for any student outside of the advertised times of classes and rehearsals.

1.7           The school may from time to time introduce regulations for the better running of the school. All students enrolled at the school shall be expected to adhere strictly to any and all such regulations.

1.8           Please aim to be available for all additional rehearsals (shows) and/or extra exam classes. You will receive sufficient notice for any such events.

1.9           In the event that the School considers that a student or parent is in breach of these terms and conditions or any regulation that is issued from time to time by the school, or if the behaviour of any students is disruptive or likely to bring the school into disrepute, the Principal reserves the right to exclude the student and/or parent.

2     Health and Safety

2.1           Due to the nature of our classes, the teachers need to give the students direct physical instructions (ie move/touch their limbs) in order to achieve the correct posture for the relevant movement. By enrolling your child with JLDA you give consent to allow this.

2.2           In the event of an injury or accident, you consent to JLDA staff administering First Aid and/or taking a student to hospital. Parents/carers will be informed of every incident/accident and of any first aid applied, immediately if on site or via a phone call.

2.3         If a student sustains an injury which prevents them from dancing for a period of time eg a broken limb or is advised by a healthcare professional to abstain from dancing for a period of time, JLDA require written evidence from the healthcare professional. In these circumstances accounts will be frozen until such time that the healthcare professional advises it is safe for them to return to dance.

2.4         Any medical conditions must be declared on the enrolment form.

2.5         Any learning difficulties should be notified to the school upon enrolment in order to assist us in monitoring progress and ensuring a productive and supportive environment.

2.6         In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, JLDA are doing all they can to ensure a clean, safe environment is available to our students and families. JLDA are following advice and guidance provided by the relevant authorities, and reserves the right to implement changes or new processes, to ensure the ongoing safety of our students.

3     Uniform and Grooming

3.1           We pride ourselves on our grooming – grooming is part of a dancer’s discipline. Please ensure that hair is correctly styled and the correct uniform is worn for each class (please see our uniform list – https://www.jamieleedanceacademy.com/uniform). All uniform must be clearly named.

3.2           Uniform must be worn by all students at all classes and whenever representing JLDA. We reserve the right to remove any student from their class if the uniform policy is not adhered to.

4      Agency

4.1           As a school, we are represented by a casting agency and we have a very good working relationship with them. If you wish your child to audition for the agency, please approach the school Principal. Do not approach the agency directly.

4.2           Any student who is approached or volunteers to partake in any stage performance with any other company or society (with the exception of normal school productions during term time) must obtain permission from the School Principal prior to any agreement being made to participate.

5      Marketing

5.1           Please inform the office, in writing, if you wish for your child NOT to be featured in any advertising or promotional/marketing materials for JLDA.

6      Elite

6.1           Entry to our ‘Elite Competition Team’ is by invitation only and is at the discretion of the school Principal. Earning ‘Elite Status’ is a privilege and not a right, and Elite conduct will operate on a ‘three-strike rule’.

7      Exams

7.1           Dance exams are encouraged but remain optional.

7.2           Please inform a member of our staff if you / your child do not wish to take exams.

7.3           Examination fees will be charged on confirmation of entry and are payable within 7 days.

8     Fees and Payment

8.1           Fees must be paid within seven days of the invoice being issued. For each week that passes after this time, a £10.00 late fee will be added to the invoice.

8.2           Any student with fees outstanding will not be allowed to participate in class.

8.3           All term fees are non-refundable, except for severe injury resulting in an inability to dance. Written evidence from a medical professional must be provided as proof.

8.4           Six weeks paid notice must be given if you wish to change or leave a class. Written notice must be emailed to the office – info@jamieleedanceacademy.com.

8.5           We shall give you a minimum 30 days prior notice of any price increase.

8.6           Your signature constitutes a binding agreement to our payments. Any unpaid invoices will be sent to our debt collection agency who will recover the owed debt plus legal costs, interest, and late payment compensation from you in accordance with applicable legislation.

8.7           In the case that a student is excluded or expelled, the school reserves the right to pursue payment of the balance of any fees due in respect of a class. These will become payable immediately.

9     Coronavirus/Pandemics

9.1           In the event that you/your child are having to self-isolate but are otherwise able to dance, then details of a zoom class will be sent. JLDA MUST receive at least 48hr notice, in writing to the office, of self-isolation in order to be able to set up the zoom call. If less than 48hrs notice is given JLDA cannot guarantee that the zoom details will be sent in time.

9.2           Under the above circumstance no refunds on fees will be issued and accounts will not be frozen.

10    Parking

10.1           We want to impress the importance of safe driving and considerate parking at JLDA studios and all locations where you represent JLDA. It is vital that all parking at both our sites must be considerate of our neighbours: including but not limited to not blocking driveways, not blocking pavements or access. Additionally, if you are fortunate enough to be able to park right next to the JLDA Kinson studios on the part of pavement that we are allowed to use, please continually remember that there will still be pedestrians walking around. There is plenty of parking around, including a Tesco car park and Pelhams Gym near our Kinson studios so please plan your journey accordingly.